Getting to peace (Prices & early birds)

Your trusted compass to peace

If you are reading this its time to get on your bike, peace won’t come to you if you don’t make the first move :-), and by first move we mean booking your Peace festival tickets early on, in order to help you save yourself some time, money & needless worries. We have tried our utmost to make tickets flexible & super easy for people to get tickets at an affordable price & a time that best suits them. Our ticket options are as followed:

Flexible options
Early Bird (Saturday Single Tickets) up to Thursday the 25th of July £15.00
Early Bird (Sunday Single tickets) up to Thursday 25th July £15.00

Early discounted options
Super Early Bird! Up to Friday the 26th June 2015 £35.00
Early Bird! Up to Saturday the 25th July 2015 £40

As you can see above the earlier you book your tickets the cheaper :-) it will be

To book your tickets & more ticket options visit our event page