Seeding Change

Ex-Sheffield SPEAK Prez Chris presents the final chapter (for now!) of the Sheffield SPEAK story.
Last week, Chris and Helen from the Network Support Team took the Seeding Change Tour to Saltaire, Bradford. Helen shares more about what turned out to be an inspiring day all round.
(Image: Cover of Hobbes' 'Leviathan') Mike Bourne tells us about his research project on the New Alliance, which is the focus of SPEAK's Seeding Change campaign, and why the free market is like a sea monster. Intrigued? Read on...
...Told by Christopher Chadburn, in the style of a late 19th century Russian novella, for no particular reason.
The Seeding Change Tour has kicked off! Last week we were at St Andrews in Scotland oop North engaging a whole room of people with the issue of Food Justice.
Author: Solène Souplet-Wilson Image: Spooner.
Here's your challenge - to get yourself so familiar with SPEAK's 3 main current campaigns that you can explain them to others and make 'em LOUDER!!
Author: Solène Souplet-Wilson Image: Spooner.
Speaks creative petition calling DfID to stop spending UK aid money on funding landgrabs and locking poor people deeper into poverty
The Seeding Change Tour is a chance for the Network Support Team to escape from the cocoon that is the Speak Office and spread our wings, adventuring around the country to see you lovely folk where you're situated!