SPEAK news

Only 2 weeks to go until Soundcheck 2013, and if you're thinking of joining us, there's still a few spaces left! It's going to be a wonderful weekend, packed with exciting workshops, wonderful speakers and great opportunities to meet other people from around the SPEAK Network. Read on for the latest details of the lineup...
The Seeding Change Tour has kicked off! Last week we were at St Andrews in Scotland oop North engaging a whole room of people with the issue of Food Justice.
Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could all gather together in one place?
I survived my first marathon! Thank you so much to everyone for your kind donations and words of support, I couldn't have done it without you. Click below to find out how the day went.
As some of you may know, The Speak Network has had a tough couple of years. We’ve always been a small organisation, with limited capacity. However, recently, we faced real threats to our stability and sustainability - all courtesy of the big banks! Here is a brief glimpse into the journey struggle we’ve been on… It all started with the Halifax/Lloyds Merge…
Louise Donkin, one of Speak's founding catalysts, is speaking at Spring Harvest this year, in the Justice Space at Minehead from Monday 14th – Friday 18th April 2014.
Soundcheck 2014 is all about Turning the Tables of inequality and injustice... Come join us as we celebrate empowering change makers like you... What's your Justice?
In the April Flower Model meeting of this year, you decided that you wanted Soundcheck 2014 to have the theme 'Turning the Tables'... But what does this mean?
We have a new NEST arrival! The newly hatched David Fribbins as the Speak Regional Support Coordinator...
This Soundcheck we're putting together two very exciting teams... If you're up for putting in a bit of effort to get a free ticket then listen up folks!