Arms trade

Soundcheck11: Resurrecting Hope was a fantastic and hope-infused weekend!
A great way to support Defend Peace: Disarm Tax is to take it right to our national decision-makers, MPs, as so many people did at the recent Power, Politics & Pilgrimage and last year's Day of Action.
It’s really important to pray as well as campaign, as we believe that God has power over everything in this world – from the political to the spiritual.
Sometimes we can get overwhelmed with the huge task of “bringing good news to the poor” and building peace and justice in this fallen world. But God wants us to work with him not for him.
India is home to 25% of the worlds poor and yet the UK government is actively encouraging high arms spending.
Benny Wenda
The island of New Guinea, 250km north of Australia, comprises the independent state of Papua New Guinea on one half and West Papua on the other.
Everyone loves a good pub quiz, right? Well, why not get a few friends together and organise one at your local to raise money for Speak?