Welfare or warfare?

India is home to 25% of the worlds poor and yet the UK government is actively encouraging high arms spending.

India has enjoyed unprecedented economic growth in the past decade and yet the gap between the rich and poor has increased, and it is now home to 25% of the world's poor. To reach the MDG water targets by 2015 there is a total shortfall of $34billion. In 2009, India spent $36.6billion on defence.

The UK Government actively encourages this high defence spending through marketing and promotion of arms to India.

India cannot afford to spend so much on arms when 170million people still don’t haven’t access to drinking water, and the UK shouldn’t encourage it.

To help countries like India prioritise humanitarian needs over defence, we want to see an end to the government’s disproportionate level of political and economic support for the arms trade and aggressive marketing, through the closure of the government department responsible for arms trade promotion, currently DSO.

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