Hold a pub quiz

Everyone loves a good pub quiz, right? Well, why not get a few friends together and organise one at your local to raise money for Speak?

Its really easy and will also raise a bit of awareness about SPEAK's Arms Trade Campaign, “Defend Peace: Disarm Tax”.

We've created all the resources you should need from question and answer sheets, to a Powerpoint template, to a mini talk explaining what SPEAK is all about. Below are a few tips on how to organise a successful Pub Quiz night! 


This may be in your local pub, church or chaplaincy. Think about who you are trying to get to the event and where they would feel most comfortable. Tip  - A Pub that is known for having a good regular pub quiz works well as you won’t have to work so hard on getting people to the event!


Money, money, money!

We suggest that you charge at least £1 per person. If you are holding it in a pub, you may like to ask the landlord if you can add this to the normal charge; for example if it is normally £1, why not change £2/3 for a “charity night”?  NB This is fairly common and people don’t mind paying extra if its going towards a “good cause”.



This is where most events go wrong, groups spend so much time organising it they forget to  make sure people come along! The good news is that it can be really easy! From posters, to Facebook to notices in your church, every little helps! Tip – we have made a template poster for you to adapt! 


On the night... 

Make sure you arrive early enough to arrange the venue how you would like it and sort out any last minute problems. You will need at least four people to help out - 1 collecting the money, 1 reading the questions, 1 collecting the answer sheets and 1 marking!

It's also a good idea to have a  very brief talk about who speak is and what we’re campaigning about. (see the website notes).

Tip  – Don’t forget to hand a bucket round for donations!