The Seeding Change Tour is a chance for the Network Support Team to escape from the cocoon that is the Speak Office and spread our wings, adventuring around the country to see you lovely folk where you're situated!
Bookings now open for day conference to explore: ‘Joy in Enough – Awakening to a new economics’.
A powerfulpiece by Solène Souplet-Wilson on the Bangladesh factory collapse...
The underlying principle of SPEAK’s Seeding Change campaign is that ‘all food should be grown and shared as though people and planet mattered.’
While the New Alliance completely transforms African agriculture into a multinational free for all - it goes largely under the public radar... SPREAD THE NEWS and LOBBY DFID at the same time with Speaks PHOTO PETITION - PROFILE PICTURE LAUNCH!!
Faith Link Andrew Harrison SPEAKS about his experience at the Feminism in London conference last Saturday and reflects on the question “Would Jesus have blurred lines”
I encourage anyone who is passionate about something in the world to have a chat with their local MP, as they may surprise you.
Want to get active about agribusiness? Here’s some resources to get you going!
How much do you want to end hunger? Worldwide, 1 in 8 people can't get enough food. Ever wondered what that feels like? As part of our action around the G8, we’re going to make hunger personal, just for one day, by choosing to go without food so the leaders of the world see how hungry we are for change!
seeding change
Here are some new resources to get you started praying and campaigning for Seeding Change!