SPEAK up for a green economy

SPEAK demonstrates with Stop Climate Chaos Coalition, Autumn 2012
In 2011, the green economy flourished whilst the rest of the UK struggled: a third of the UK's growth was from 'green' business - but this green economy needs our prayer and campaigning support!

In 2008, many in SPEAK joined with Stop Climate Chaos Coalition (now the Climate Coalition) to call for a strong Climate Change Act, and we got one.

However, to meet the targets in this Act, we need the UK's energy sector to be pretty much carbon-free by 2030. The best way to do this, and support our growing green economy, is to include in the Energy Bill a target to ‘decarbonise’ the energy sector by 2030, as recommended by the Committee on Climate Change.

In Autumn 2012, we campaigned for this target to be included in the Energy Bill, which would give business the certainty it needs to invest in the UK's green economy. Unfortunately the Government announced that a decision on this target would be put off until 2016 – after the next General Election.

But the fight is not over! Conservative MP Tim Yeo has teamed up with other MPs to table a number of cross party amendments that would ensure the Energy Bill includes a decarbonisation target.


This prayer is taken from Christian Ecology Link, who have a wealth of useful resources on their website.

Heavenly Father,
you know, more than we,
what is happening to us and our world.
We know that the way we live exploits and degrades your creation.
May your Holy Spirit enlighten our political leaders
and guide us to care for our fellow-humans and the whole living world.
May life be renewed and may your Name be magnified.