Climate Pledge

We are working together in also with recent partners CAFOD on this who HAVE SOME GREAT info on their web site too
  • Use the pledge for the planet pray  Pray&Post with a group. Prayerfully brainstorm what commitments we could make to reduce our own impacts, make some commitments together and offer them to God before posting them off.
  • Order more Pray&Posts to use with a group (Your church? CU? Homegroup? Another campaign group?) email
  • Go to hustings as a group to ask what manifesto commitments candidates will make, and record their responses so you can hold them to it afterwards.
  • Meet your MP as a group after the election to hold them to their pledges.

You can get involved by fasting and praying yourself on the first of each month, and by hosting monthly prayer and fasting events, perhaps using resources and prayer points from the Pray & Fast website. Try and use your cravings to motivate you to bring the issue of climate change to God throughout the day.

This prayer movement builds upon the Fast for the Climate initiative begun at the 2013 UN climate talks by Yeb Sano, the Filipino delegate, in the wake of the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan. Yeb has continued to fast on the first of every month, joined by people from all around the world. Were planning the year of prayer and fasting to conclude with a pilgrimage to Paris together to pray and call for climate justice at the 2015 Paris COP climate summit  watch this space for plans!

June 17th  Diary Date!!! SPEAK Up For the Love of

Whether you're a seasoned campaigner or simply passionate about your faith and our world, join us and The Climate Coalition at Speak Up For The Love Of... in London on Wednesday 17 June and tell your MP about the things you love that you could lose to climate change. There will also be an ecumenical service where we can join in worship and fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Tackling climate change is not just about saving trees and polar bears, somewhere far away and in the future; it is a justice issue!

The picture can look bleak; however, all is not lost! Any cuts we make to emissions will make the future impacts smaller. We still have time to make a difference, and bring global greenhouse gas emissions down to a level that would avoid the worst impacts.

It is not about saving the planet; the earth has experienced changes in climate much greater than it is currently experiencing. However, the amount of climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions we are currently releasing into the atmosphere is shifting the climate away from the climate that we as a species, and most other life on earth, all evolved in and are perfectly adapted for. We are also causing the climate to change at a rate that is too fast for most species to adapt to, and creating serious human migration pressure. So whilst we are not saving the planet by tackling climate change, we are certainly protecting life as we know it!