In an interview with the Guardian Rowan Williams speaks honestly and movingly about his support for arms trade activists. Read his quotes below...
Nottingham SPEAK have always been an awesome SPEAK group with big dreams and big hearts. This year they've turned up the heat even more to become a formidable force for good!
All of those who were at Vocal Training and attended Chris Duncan's Public Speaking workshop know how awesome it was. For all those who weren't we thought we'd put it up as a blog so that you haven't missed out!
I encourage anyone who is passionate about something in the world to have a chat with their local MP, as they may surprise you.
Flower Model is Speak's grass-roots participatory forum. It's where everyone who's part of the network can get involved with all levels of planning and decision making. Join us... 16 November at 11:30 until 17 November at 14:30
Last year, as a part of the Check 2 program at Sound Check 2012 we were treated to the company of, amongst others, Juliet Kilpin. Rob Elliot tells us about her book 'Urban to the Core'
SPEAKers assemmmmbleeee! SPEAK Week is the time where we all get to dazzle, teach, campaign and humiliate - all to the tune of the fundraising drum! Now is the time when we should be planning our feats or acts! Read on to learn why fundraising is fun, exciting and a handy activist tool...
This one's for everyone who'se asked me for the recipe we used to make bread at Vocal Training! Read on for the full recipe, including a little bit about how it actually works (if you ever wondered what all that kneading and proving is actually supposed to do!) Best of luck and happy baking! - Mike ><>
Come all, roll up to the November SPEAK Cabaret extravaganza. We'll be celebrating all that is SPEAK with a wide range of tantalizing artists to tickle your fancy...
Want to get active about agribusiness? Here’s some resources to get you going!