Volunteer Regional Support Worker Opportunities

SPEAK are looking for people to join the NEST team! We're looking for Regional Support Workers to empower the SPEAK Network's in different locations. We need people who are passionate about seeking justice, has the skills to keep things running smoothly and who has a pastoral gifting, confident in discipling others. SoundS like you? Read on...

The RSW's will be tied into the wider SPEAK Network Support Team. The role covers a diverse range of work such as campaign co-ordination, fundraising, organising and running events and general administration. Throughout the year the work will be very varied, it could involve attending festivals or helping facilitate groups holding freshers fairs, or it could be organising a regional gathering etc.

This role would suit someone who has a pastoral heart and who is always proactive in making sure people are included. 

Take a look at the job description for further details, and get in touch at admin@speak.org.uk


                                                  Job Description 

Volunteer Regional Support Workers 2019 – 2020 (X2) (immediate start)

Locations: London and Manchester

Job Type: Voluntary - Part-time (2 days per week)

Salary: Unpaid (Please note that all reasonable out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed, including travel expenses).

What Does The Job Involve?

Serving the network in a local area, Communicating, co-ordinating, representing, encouraging, inspiring, supporting

Local groups and SPEAK Links are at the heart of SPEAK, expressing the core values and campaigning locally. All these groups are made up of individuals committed to their walk with Jesus and God’s heart for justice and have the potential to impact not just their town but also the whole Network.

This job involves supporting SPEAK Groups and Links across the country. You will help and empower the regional development of the SPEAK Network. This will include:

  • Supporting the Network practically and pastorally – spending time with groups and links in training, sharing and praying – working alongside them to help build and develop their impact
  • Helping and discipline group leaders and links through telephone calls, emails and visits
  • Running training sessions and giving talks on SPEAK’s campaigns and core values (especially prayer, sharing faith, and discipleship), God’s heart for justice and practical group organisation skills
  • Supporting groups hands-on as they organise campaign and prayer actions, share their faith and prepare for events and opportunities like Freshers Fairs and first meetings
  • Working with individuals and groups to enable them to have an integrated approach to sharing their faith through prayer and campaigning
  • Mobilising for events like Soundcheck and the Big Dress Tour, and involving groups and links in the Flower Model participatory process
  • Encouraging and training people to start new groups or to become SPEAK Links
  • Sharing vision, ideas and stories between different groups and across the network
  • Networking between regions – facilitating communication and grassroots involvement and inspiration
  • Networking with student groups and churches building relationships and giving talks
  • Identifying and attending events to publicise SPEAK’s work
  • Following up enquiries and responding to requests

You will work as part of the broader SPEAK Network Support Team. This covers a diverse range of work such as campaigns co-ordination, fundraising, organising and running events and general administration. Throughout the year the work we do is very varied, from attending festivals to helping make sure groups are holding freshers fairs, and from organising regional gatherings to mobilisation for the Big Dress Tour.

Who Are We Looking For?

SPEAK is looking for volunteers who are committed to SPEAK’s  core values. You will need to be able to use your initiative and be responsible for your own work. As a Christian you need to be committed to prayer and sharing your faith. You will also need some experience of campaigning and justice issues. We are looking for people who:

  • Want to serve others and have some pastoral gifting, to enable them to disciple group leaders
  • Are passionate about justice and have experience of campaigning. They will need to give groups ideas and advice and encourage, inspire and motivate them
  • Are serious about holiness, as they will be leading by example
  • Are committed to prayer and sharing their faith
  • Have some experience of leadership
  • Are willing to do public speaking. Although this is a skill that will be developed, running training sessions and giving talks is a key part of the job and applicants must be happy to do this
  • Are willing to approach and talk to people they’ve not met before, whether members of the SPEAK Network on the phone or, for example, meeting people who have never heard of SPEAK, on a stall. Again, this skill can be developed through training and experience.
  • Are eager to see others released in their gifts and callings in order to encourage the empowerment and growth of members of the network
  • Have a reasonable knowledge and understanding of the Bible. Regional Support Workers need to be able to discuss God’s heart for justice and the theology behind this in a clear and helpful way, with a good approach to understanding the Bible. Teaching on this theology will be given as part of Regional Support Workers’ training
  • SPEAK will provide you with training, support and management.
  • The ideal candidate MUST commit to a minimum of 2 days a week, and our preference is for volunteers to make a commitment of at least a year.
  • Depending on the region/s you support, you will be based in SPEAK’s London or Manchester team. The aim is for Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Eire, the north west and the north east to be supported from Manchester, and for London, the south east, south west, central east and central west to be supported from London.

How To Apply

If you are interested in this position we would love to hear from you as soon possible so please do get in touch at admin@speak.org.uk