September 2013

Christabel has just joined the SPEAK team as our new Fundraising Officer. She's more than just a pretty face...
In the SPEAK network, we've been thinking a lot about where our food comes from, and right now, it’s that time of year when fruit trees across the UK are heavy with fruit.
SPEAKers assemmmmbleeee! SPEAK Week is the time where we all get to dazzle, teach, campaign and humiliate - all to the tune of the fundraising drum! Now is the time when we should be planning our feats or acts! Read on to learn why fundraising is fun, exciting and a handy activist tool...
This one's for everyone who'se asked me for the recipe we used to make bread at Vocal Training! Read on for the full recipe, including a little bit about how it actually works (if you ever wondered what all that kneading and proving is actually supposed to do!) Best of luck and happy baking! - Mike ><>
We have a new October prayer calendar out, ready for you to download, print and be inspired!
Come all, roll up to the November SPEAK Cabaret extravaganza. We'll be celebrating all that is SPEAK with a wide range of tantalizing artists to tickle your fancy...
The Harvest period is a great time to get people thinking about where their food comes from. Many churches have a 'thanksgiving' service around this time of year, which often involves getting people to donate food, which is then redistributed to needy people. But the SPEAK network is all about getting to the root causes of poverty and injustice - we think that Harvest is the perfect time to get the church to take a deeper look at where our food comes from.
Five Christians were arrested for gluing themselves together to block one of the entrances to the DSEi arms fair last week. In so doing, they have drawn a lot of attention to the role of the UK in the global arms trade, the state that facilitates the proliferation of weapons for private profit, and what it means to be a peacemaker.
Want to get active about agribusiness? Here’s some resources to get you going!
Now that we've got your attention with this ridiculous picture, lets get down to Freshers Week plans!!