New October Prayer Calendar

We have a new October prayer calendar out, ready for you to download, print and be inspired!

This coming month we're praying using bread, 'lectio divina', feasting together for Harvest time, and praying over the new climate change report. Download the prayer calendar below to join in!

Lectio divina is a way of praying with scripture; we open ourselves up to God speaking to us through a text, then read it over slowly, usually reading it several times through. Rather than tryign to work out what the passage means, we simply try to notice what seems to stand out for us, and once a word, phrase or section stands out, spend a while praying over it and allowing God to speak to us through it.

Harvest is a time to celebrate God's goodness to us. This time of year demonstrates God's grace in really tangible ways, as the very earth produces so many good things, far more than we could ever make use of or possibly deserve. Even the most neglected, abused piece of wasteland is suddenly full of too many blackberries for all the wild creatures, and for us to make into jams and puddings! It's a great time of year to get your group or church together and make a big feast together, perhaps using some good foraged things like apples and blackberries, or home-grown produce if you have it between you, and invite others to join you - maybe open it out to your neighbours, or your church's local community? We could make it a really nice event, a chance to just celebrate the good things we have and be a blessing to those around us.

The science of climate change is becoming ever stronger and more certain that the kind of changes to the climate that threaten the food sovereignty of millions of people are real, and being exacerbated by human activity. Let's pray this month for a greater understanding of the social and economic dangers of climate change amongst world leaders.

The slow, physical process of making bread from scratch can be a powerful focus for prayer. It helps us to devote time to prayer, and the simple, physical work can clear our heads to help us focus on God and the things we want to pray over. Have a go: Here's Fish's Vocal Training bread recipe!