Get Your Church Involved With Food Justice This Harvest

The Harvest period is a great time to get people thinking about where their food comes from. Many churches have a 'thanksgiving' service around this time of year, which often involves getting people to donate food, which is then redistributed to needy people. But the SPEAK network is all about getting to the root causes of poverty and injustice - we think that Harvest is the perfect time to get the church to take a deeper look at where our food comes from.

Our most recent pray and post card, 'Sowing Pesticides, Reaping Sickness', which we put together with our Brazilian friends, Falé, is an excellent way to get your church thinking about, and acting on food justice issues. And you are just the person to get them on it!

Could you wangle a five minute slot in your church's Harvest service to encourage people to get active about agribusiness? You probably could! Talking in front of a whole bunch of people can be scary, but we've thought of that, so if you want, the NEST team can provide you with everything you need so that your little presentation can go swimmingly. Just get in touch, and we can send you powerpoints, videos, prayers, a batch of our beautiful pray and post cards, and whatever else would help you to get your church involved!

Let's get sowing some seeds for food justice!