Arrange to meet your MP

Even if you didn't come to the Day of Action 2012 you can still arrange to meet your MP back home.

Please do let us know if you're contacting your MP, and if you hear back from them. First you'll need to find out who your MP is and be able to email them - all done very simply here. The email could say something like:

Dear **** MP,

I'm one of your constituents and a member of the SPEAK Network, who pray and campaign on global justice issues. Our Unfinished Business campaign is focused on corporate accountability, you can read more here about what we're calling for

I'm writing to ask if you'll be able to meet me to discuss the campaign?

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you,


Address ****

Phone number ****

And that's it! For any other guidance please email campaigns[at] or call 0161 278 8835, 

The briefing paper for MPs is attached below.