The Bardic Tour Speak-athon has, over the last year, been seeking to integrate Speak values. It has been gaining momentum with people across the network, who have been getting on their bikes to raise money for the Speak related projects. We are now moving into the second phase of the Bardic Tour...
Twice a year, members of the SPEAK Network come together to dream dreams, plan plans and look to the future of the network. We call it 'Flower Model' because we want to function like a single organism, drawing strength and life from all of the constituent parts. If you'd like to get more involved in planning and growing the network, join us 17th to 18th November, at Desmond Tutu House in Bradford.
sweatshop protest
SPEAK has campaigned against injustices in the garment industry since the beginning in 1998. It's People & Planet's Week of Action against sweatshops at the end of this month - how are you going to get involved?
SPEAK are long-time supporters of Workshop, a project which provides a course of Christian learning to Churches and individuals who are keen to explore faith in a broad and practical way. Its founder, Noel Moules, has taken part in SPEAK events in the past, and has recently release a book: "Fingerprints of Fire, Footprints of Peace". Former SPEAK director Jo Frew reviews it here...
Every year, dedicated SPEAK members take a week in November to hit the streets and share their love of justice with the world, and raise money for SPEAK in the process. This year is no exception! Around the country, SPEAK groups will be out there, doing wild and exciting things that catch the imagination of the whole community...
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A tea-picker in Kerugoya, Kenya
The new SPEAK pray & post card is out today! It calls for justice in our food supply chains by asking Parliament that the upcoming Groceries Code Adjudicator has the power to fine from day one. What this would basically do is force our powerful UK supermarkets to treat their suppliers fairly - applying to both farmers here and abroad.
Persist in prayer and campaigning! [Luke 19:1-8]. The January 2011 Pray and Post card 'The EU's Raw Material Grab' called on the EU to "let poorer countries negotiate investment agreements in line with their social, economic and environmental needs".
Time to Turn's latest campaign focuses on making sustainable food more widely available. They recently held a grand opening of a cherry tree in their city and Mattias has translated this video for us.
A blog from FALE, our sister network in Brazil.