Praying for food sovereignty

Here are some prayer ideas and resources to help you seed change with your prayers...

A Grace for Seeding Change

We give you thanks for this food and drink before us.
We give you thanks for the earth that it was grown on.
As the consumers, we pray for all people who were involved in its production;
the sowers, the reapers,
the processors, the packers,
the deliverers, the traders,
the sellers, the makers.
We pray that its footprint on your creation has not been too great.
And we pray for each of those people concerned; that they might also be blessed with food and drink this day.
We ask these things in the name of the creating Father,
the nurturing Holy Spirit,
and the Son who shared his bread with sinners.

Another Seeding Change grace

May crops be grown sustainably
May seeds be valued
May farm workers be paid fairly
May animals be treated with Your love and compassion
May water and energy be used wisely
May food reach all who need it
May all have access to land and markets
May all who have enough not seek more
May all food nourish
May no food be wasted
May food bring joy to all


Plant some seeds and pray over them as you do that the campaign will grow, that the message of the need for change in the way we deal with food reaches the right people, and that we will see real justice come. Read more on the campaign.

Take part in our prayer and campaign action by signing the Seeding Change petition and writing your prayers over land and food issues on seeded paper (we can send you all you need!)

Feasting and fasting is a great way to connect food and prayer. Find out more about why and how to feast and fast to celebrate and pray for the food system.