Enough Food for Everyone IF

Find out more about 2013's IF campaign on global hunger...

When Jesus had meals with people, “all ate and were satisfied” [matthew 14:20].

In our world today, there’s easily enough food to go round.

So why do 1 in 8 of us around the world still go hungry?!?

As a community, SPEAK have been exploring issues around justice in our food system for the last few years now, which is why we were excited to be part of this campaign. It meant that we can come together with others to continue seeking tax justice and corporate accountability, as well as growing our passion around new issues too!

Explore this prezi to find out how tax-dodging and land grabs are connected.

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  • Pray that this becomes more than just another glossy campaign, and actually makes a tangible, sustainable difference to people who are struggling to eat

Update (19 July 2013):  Following the completion of the G8 negotiations and various actions by campaigners as part of the "Enough Food For Everyone IF" movement, we have now finished taking new signups for the campaign.  We hoped we could get tax-dodging higher up the G8 agenda and get some commitments on development aid; not only did we achieve this, but land grabs and transparency were also discussed at the G8 meeting and member state leaders made some significant promises to begin to address these issues.  We have nowhere near ended world hunger yet, but if we keep using our voices to push our leaders on this, even long after 2013 is over, we can make them deliver on their promises so far and progress onto more ambitious ones!  What's been achieved so far might feel like just a chip off a very large mountain of injustice and hunger, but you've got to start somewhere, and that mountain is so big that knocking a mere chip off it would still represent improved access to livelihoods and food for millions of people.  That's got to be worth doing.  Don't lose heart!