Streams in the desert

Rachel Carpenter explores the theme for this year's Soundcheck.

Sometimes it can be really hard to keep campaigning.

Working towards a long term campaign can feel like setting off on a strenuous journey.

A tough campaign with strong opposition, can feel like you’re heading steadily uphill, over sand dunes. And sometimes, especially if you find yourself surrounded by people who don’t share your passion for justice, the slowly trickling drain of motivation can feel like you’re carrying a water bottle with a leak.

Deserts are tough places to survive. The dry, barren sand can dehydrate and almost suck out life.

Yet even in the driest and most barren of deserts, life still exists. Certain animals and plants have adapted to be able to go a long time without water, or have developed techniques to protect themselves against the burning sun.

How can we build up our own spiritual protection to stop motivation and passion for justice from drying out?

We want Soundcheck this year to be like an oasis in the desert, a place where people gather together with others who are on the same campaigning journey. We want to be refreshed and newly inspired by stories of people who have learnt how to keep on fighting against injustice, even when things get tough.

We want to learn how we can be ‘streams in the desert’; refreshing, motivating and inspiring those who come into contact with us.

Come join us this year, as we look to God as the source of our refreshment and explore his promises about providing life-giving water in the wilderness. 

By Rachel Carpenter, artwork by Anna Snowball

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