Drones Week of Action 2012

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There's a lot in the news about drones right now, and that should be no surprise because in the UK it is the Drones Week of Action! Organised by the Drones Campaign Network (of which SPEAK is a member), the Week of Action sees many events taking place around the country to highlight the UK's soaring involvement in this new form of military activity.


Drones campaign petition

Building on our long-term campaign to end government support of the arms trade, SPEAK has been campaigning against drones since 2011 when it released the blue 'Dehumanising Destruction' Pray & Post cards, calling on David Cameron to open up parliamentary scrutiny to the military, social and moral implications of engaging in drone warfare. (Such a position was backed-up by this thorough report from Fellowship of Reconciliation). In September last year we put this opposition into practice by demonstrating during the DSEi arms fair (the largest in the world), being hosted in London at the taxpayers expense. (DSEi is already preparing for its 2013 fair, now with more drones than ever before). And let's not forget Nottingham SPEAK's dronecatchers demo outside RAF Waddington in August this year...

To mark the drones week of action, please:

  • make a special effort to talk to others about drones and their impact
  • share an article or have a debate (this blog is a good start)
  • attend one of the Week of Action events! Other SPEAKers have already... (stay tuned for more news about this!)
  • pray for the victims of drone strikes (that continue regularly across the globe)
  • promote this petition to friends making a renewed call for justice to David Cameron