The Big Climate Reconnection

SPEAK, with Stop Climate Chaos, is calling for a big push to get our MPs to act on climate change after the Big Climate Connection lobby in November.

People across the UK will be lobbying their MPs and putting them on the spot at public meetings whilst the Energy Bill is going through Parliament.

The Energy Bill has the potential to pave the way for a cleaner, more secure future for all. We’ll be making sure it’s as strong as possible and gets rid of the most unhealthy, damp and draughty rented homes. Young people have been telling their stories of freezing homes and expensive heating bills. If these stories sound familiar and you want to banish these injustices get involved with the Big Climate Reconnection. 

We’ll also follow up on the Cancun climate talks to make sure international agreements are in place to help poor countries deal with the effects of climate change and develop in a low carbon way. We need you to join in and pile the pressure on your MPs!

Public meetings are already being organised. Have a look to see if there's one near you. If not, why not organise your own public meeting or set up a smaller lobby meeting with your MP? Check out the interactive map to find out what's going on in your area and sign up to get involved (if it doesn't open here, see

For more information:

The Big Climate Reconnection is also on Facebook  and Twitter @scccoalition #bigconnect