May 2013

The sun is shining, and we all know what that means... Oh yes, Summer Festivals are on their way! These are a great way to meet new people and to have some experience in events! We are going to be going to: Greenbelt, Soul Survivor and Momentum! Want to join us?
SPEAK is passionate about helping young adults boost their career paths. We always strive to give our volunteers and employees real valuable experience which has consistently provided a vital stepping stone in their career paths. One of our real strengths is that the Network Support Team is run by young adults for young adults, and this means that people are given opportunities that they just wouldn't be given elsewhere.
For all you keen IF campaign lovers, I'm sure you've heard that the big IF event is happening on Saturday 8 June! And for all you people who have had their heads in the clouds, here's a blog to enlighten you! SPEAK will be there, so come and join your fellow SPEAKees! Along with other Christian organisations, we'll be having a pre-event service at Westminster Central Hall at 11.30am -12.30pm. After this there'll be time for photos and then we can all head down to the main event at Hyde Park together to do what we do best, SPEAK out!