November 2012

Ever taken Luke 14 seriously? Some people over at Fusion did, and look what happened...
On 26th October, we published a letter from the MoD in response to our 'Dehumanising Destruction' Pray&Post (calling from greater parliamentary scrutiny into the UK's use of unmanned armed drones). Since this was a Network-wide campaign, we'd like as many of you as possible to write a letter in response! This blog will give you some helpful knowledge and counter-arguments to build your letter. If there is something we have missed, do put it in too!
If you’re a SPEAK veteran, you’ll hardly be surprised by the network’s ongoing desire to be a grass-roots led movement; it’s for this reason that the network’s bi-annual, inclusive, participatory forum –aka ‘Flower Model’ – continues to be a vital element of the network’s make-up. Last weekend, a mix of SPEAK-ers from across the UK gathered at Desmond Tutu House, Bradford, to continue SPEAK’s exciting tradition of dreaming big dreams and planning for the future ahead.
Harry Baker performing at the SPEAK London Cabaret
Last week members of SPEAK London put together a Cabaret of music & comedy to raise money for the Network. With a bit of work and know-how, it's possible to raise a decent sum that all helps to keeping SPEAK going - could you do it?
One of SPEAK's major campaigns over the years has been a call for greater corporate responsibility; as a network we intend to call on government and business to create fairer rules for workers and producers alike. Mike Bourne takes a look at how changing market objectives would create a more natural and spontaneous was of life.
Lobbying Jo Swinson MP - spot the dog?
Signed the SQUEEZED pray & post card to speak up for underpaid farmers? Biting your nails in anxiety over whether it's enough? Want to do some extra to lobby the Government for justice? Look no further...
Twice a year, members of the SPEAK Network come together to dream dreams, plan plans and look to the future of the network. We call it 'Flower Model' because we want to function like a single organism, drawing strength and life from all of the constituent parts. If you'd like to get more involved in planning and growing the network, join us 17th to 18th November, at Desmond Tutu House in Bradford.
sweatshop protest
SPEAK has campaigned against injustices in the garment industry since the beginning in 1998. It's People & Planet's Week of Action against sweatshops at the end of this month - how are you going to get involved?
People in West Papua send solidarity photo for the 'Arrest President SBY' campaign. Photo Credit: Free West Papua Campaign
SPEAKers in Edinburgh have been long-term supporters of the Free West Papua Campaign. Tom Kirby gives us an update of the UK's ongoing complicity in this oppression, and highlights a demo taking place in Edinburgh tonight:
This morning, a bunch of people gathered outside Church House to pray while the building was being used to house an arms conference. Chris went along and gives his thoughts and reflections...