Giant dogs and e-action blogs!

Lobbying Jo Swinson MP - spot the dog?
Signed the SQUEEZED pray & post card to speak up for underpaid farmers? Biting your nails in anxiety over whether it's enough? Want to do some extra to lobby the Government for justice? Look no further...


As many of you know, we've been campaigning around the Groceries Code Adjudicator since January 2009. First we asked the government to set one up (as they'd been recommended to do by the Competition Commission), then they finally agreed, now we're asking them wo make sure it actually does what it says on the tin!

As explained here, we're asking the government to ensure the GCA has the power to fine from day one... because we don't think simply having the power to 'name and shame' will be enough for the GCA to deter supermarkets from breaking the all-important Groceries Code.

We've had many pray & post cards into the office to hand in to Jo Swinson MP (let us know if you haven't had one), but you can now email her too on the Traidcraft website - take action here.

Just so you know, the nexting reading of the Bill in the Commons is on Monday 19th November - pray that there is a successful debate!

Plus, for your amusement, one of us even dressed up as a giant dog to prove our point (no, really). See the evidence here and here: