How to host a Cabaret for SPEAK in 3 easy steps:

Harry Baker performing at the SPEAK London Cabaret
Last week members of SPEAK London put together a Cabaret of music & comedy to raise money for the Network. With a bit of work and know-how, it's possible to raise a decent sum that all helps to keeping SPEAK going - could you do it?


We thought we had left it too late, and we thought we didn't have enough capacity to pull it off, but somehow the SPEAK London Cabaret was a hit! The Gallery Café was full, people laughed at the jokes and were moved by the music. The video worked (eventually) and we weren't even afraid to ask people for extra donations. So, think you or your group could do something similar? It'll give you great experience of events management, and it'll help the Network keep going too!

  1. Book a venue & acts - use friends' contacts, and don't be shy to approach bigger local names that you think might be willing to help. Stress that it's a charitable cause when you do.
  2. Promote & invite - facebook is obviously a big mobiliser these days. But posters around campus too, and in churches. Remember that your personal connections are the most valuable resource when it comes to fundraising.
  3. On the night, emphasise that all money raised will really help! Don't be afraid to ask for money - rather, dwell for a moment on all the great things about SPEAK, and then use those arguments to articulate why we need people's support.

Also, let us know! We can help talk you through the preparation, what you might need on the night, as well as encouraging others to come along.

Plus, here's the video that you could show at your own fundraiser: