Campaigns Co-Ordinator

The SPEAK Network is a dynamic network of Christian students and young adults, who pray and campaign for Global Justice. With creative campaigns like the 'Big Dress', we seek to inspire groups and individuals to speak out in situations which are unjust. We host annual gatherings, training events, and take part in both Christian and Non-Christian festivals.

We are looking for a talented, committed, creative individual with a strong grasp of campaign issues such as corporate accountability and agribusiness, who can work with the Network to develop and promote our future campaigns. We're looking for someone who can quickly absorb new information, share it simply and clearly with others, and respond to challenges as the campaign develops. If you think you might have what it takes, please take a look at the job description and complete the application form. We ideally also need people that seek funding and sponsorhip for our campaigns through making partnerships with other organisations and people able to do trust funding applications for our campaigns. We need people able to Engage with Specific long term planning 

This is a support raising post, so you would be required to raise enough money to support yourself, but we will offer support in this. Please contact for further information.