January 2013

tax justice now!
In January 2013 we have a new pray and post card calling for tax justice...!
Photo Credit: Friends of the Earth Netherlands
Today there has just been a landmark ruling against Royal Dutch Shell in a court in the Netherlands - meaning that compensation will finally be paid to those who have lost land and their environment due to oil spills. Here we reprint a Press Release from Friends of the Earth Netherlands...
Is following our self-interest the highest goal? And what links St Paul, Aslan, and the 1st Marquis of Halifax? Well, the answer to the second question is this short reflective piece by SPEAK friend Mike Bourne. And you'll have to read it to find out the rest...
Enough Food for Everyone IF
A new campaign launches today! Follow the links to find out how we've joined together with over 80 other groups to call for justice in the food system.
The SPEAK Network is a dynamic network of Christian students and young adults, who pray and campaign for Global Justice. With creative campaigns like the 'Big Dress', we seek to inspire groups and individuals to speak out in situations which are unjust. We host annual gatherings, training events, and take part in both Christian and Non-Christian festivals.
A SPEAK banner from the protests against the DSEi arms fair in 2011
Remember the blue 'Dehumanising Destruction' drones Pray & post card? Well the recent increase in media and parliamentary attention towards drones are the fruit of SPEAK's campaign for greater transparency in this area, so a reason to be thankful! Yet our work is for from over, as Fellowship of Reconciliation's Jessica Dalton-Cheetham explains for us here...