December 2012

We're currently creating a new SPEAK campaign on agribusiness to launch at Soundcheck 2013. In order to do so, we've created a working paper on Food Sovereignty open to the whole network to discuss. One response is posted here...
"He came to tell the people about the meaning of the peace, the meaning of the love, the meaning of the life together".
Do you wish there were people in your area you could meet with to pray and campaign? Do you have a group of friends who are interested, but don't know where to start? Or maybe you host a regular SPEAK group, but you'd like to get more people involved? Then read on...
The Bardic Tour Speak-athon has, over the last year, been seeking to integrate Speak values. It has been gaining momentum with people across the network, who have been getting on their bikes to raise money for the Speak related projects. We are now moving into the second phase of the Bardic Tour...
Are you passionate about making a difference in the world? Are you looking for an opportunity to live out the values you care about? Do you want to give some of your time to supporting other members of the SPEAK Network? Join the Network Support Team, and share your skills with groups and links around the country!
A creation from our Dutch cousins at Time to Turn!
A SPEAK campaign against the injustices of agribusiness was first suggested at Flower Model in November 2010. We're now looking forward to launching a campaign on this issue at Soundcheck 2013, but in order to do so, SPEAK needs everyone's input! The coming weeks present a chance for all of us to feed into this working paper, exploring the ties between our faith and the ideology of Food Sovereignty. So, come have a read and have your say!
165 signed Pray & Post cards were handed in last week
We don't get to say this very often, so cherish these beautiful words: WE DID IT!