Have your say: SPEAK exploring Food Sovereignty

A creation from our Dutch cousins at Time to Turn!
A SPEAK campaign against the injustices of agribusiness was first suggested at Flower Model in November 2010. We're now looking forward to launching a campaign on this issue at Soundcheck 2013, but in order to do so, SPEAK needs everyone's input! The coming weeks present a chance for all of us to feed into this working paper, exploring the ties between our faith and the ideology of Food Sovereignty. So, come have a read and have your say!

SPEAK has always been very intentional about its values of community-focused and grassroots activism. This is why we are intentional about communicating with each other throughout the year to discuss where the Network is going and what we should be campaigning on.

So, here's a chance to feed into SPEAK campaigns strategy for the future. The working paper downloadable below has been developed since SPEAK's most recent discussions about food and justice at Flower Model last month*. Take a look!

  • Are there any parts you strongly agree or disagree with?
  • Is there anything that you think that's missing and needs to be added?
  • Can you pray over the essence of the working paper: do you feel like this is/isn't something which God is calling us to support?

It'd be great to have all feedback emailed to andy (andy@speak.org.uk) over the next few weeks, so that come the start of next term we can start to develop our campaign further in preparation for Soundcheck 2013! (Needless to say, despite this 'practical deadline', feedback can be given at any time further into the future also!).

Please bear in mind that in a spirit of unity, all feedback will be taken into account, but we cannot guarantee to tailor everything to each individual's specific requests.

*If you wish to see the original presentation made at Flower Model painting the bigger picture of SPEAK's existing ties with the food sovereignty movement, please email andy.