Seeding Change

It's been germinating beneath the ground for several years, and now it's finally here - a SPEAK campaign focusing on the injustices of agribusiness.

Food are drink are profoundly human. Yet our global food system is broken; as we see through land grabs, biofuels, food waste, overconsumption of meat and dairy, supermarket power, farmers squeezed, banks betting on food, monopolisation of the seed markets, over-reliance on heavy fertilisers and pesticides that ravage the Earth… Not to mention global hunger.

 Essentially, we believe that:

All food should be grown and shared
as though people and planet mattered.


  • For some general background about the issues, check out our campaign booklet here.
  • To learn a bit about our specific focus, check out this blog here on African farming and the 'New Alliance'
  • Learn the connection between tax-dodging and land grabbing through a Prezi presentation here.


  • SPEAK are doing a joint campaign with Fale (our Brazilian sister organisation) to the Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff. We are calling for an end to the use of dangerous pesticides in Brazil (many of which have been deemed ‘Extremely Hazardous’ by the World Health Organisation), and for an end to ‘crop dusting’, the risky business of dropping pesticides from a plane. Add yourself/family/friends to the petition by requesting an amount of physical pray and posts to delivered to you by post or by signing the online petition here
  • SPEAK are running a photo petition to raise awareness about DfID giving aid funding to multinational agribusiness companies. Find out more and join in our photo petition here. 
  • Write Justine Greening MP a letter asking her to stop the Departent of International Development (DfID) investing in the take over of African farming by multinationas Click HERE to see a sample letter to Justine Greening.
  • SPEAK are co-running an event with Christian Ecology Link and A Rocha UK called Joy in  Enough. It explores why our current economic system is unsustainable and unfair and how we can change this.
  • Join in with the new Seeding Change Petition - asking The Department of International Development to stop funding landgrabs and locking poor farmers deeper into poverty
  • Sign your area up to the Seeding Change Tour. What is this tour you speak of? Check out the link and you'll see!


We've already come along way:

  • SPEAK played a big part in the Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign. We were a member of the coalition and held a stall at the big IF event in Hyde Park. It was a privilege to produce the video for the big IF Fast and contribute to many other fun projects. Now that the campaign has come to a close, learn what it achieved here.

“For as the soil makes the sprout come up
and a garden causes seeds to grow,
so the Sovereign Lord will make righteousness
and praise spring up before all nations.”

[Isaiah 61:11]