Say 'Hi!' to Christabel, the newest member of the SPEAK NEST

Christabel has just joined the SPEAK team as our new Fundraising Officer. She's more than just a pretty face...

Christabel studied law at the University of Bristol which helped develop her passion for human rights and improving the criminal justice system. She recently spent 6 months earlier this year in New Orleans as a volunteer assisting lawyers and campaigners with their efforts to end the death penalty in Louisiana.

Christabel is currently training to be a barrister after which she hopes to give a voice to marginalised groups in society and help support the work of activists and campaigners fighting for global and social justice.

In her spare time, Christabel enjoys painting, stand-up comedy and live music. She has been teaching herself the ukulele with mild success.
She says:
“Speak embodies all of the values I strive to make real in my life as a Christian and as a campaigner for justice. It has been so refreshing to meet such genuine people as those within The Speak Network and I am really looking forward to putting my energy into such a noble and important cause. I am excited about my role as fundraiser and the potential it gives to grow and expand Speak’s impact on society; I will do my very best to make this a reality!”

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