Support a Support Raiser

SPEAK employs some staff who raise their own support, these are called support raisers. This aspect of our work is important to the values and heart of speak...

Most people who work in associative partnership with the speak movement support raise. There are two ways people do this:

- One is to be part of the Network Events Training Support team NEST.

- The other way is as a self employed individual, collaborating and partnering with the various projects with SPEAK whilst also working autonomously; as a free roaming lifestyle activist.

Support raising means asking friends, family and others to support them financially each month. It is only specific administrational, management roles which the SPEAK NEST charity or campaigns company can pay and, even then, we are all working under a lot of pressure; on a shoe string most of the time with many people living self sacrificially.

Many a radical speak revolutionary has fallen under the economic gravity of the current system,  we need you hold us up in prayer and also hold us up practically.

There are two people raising support at the moment. One is Chris, who is part of the NEST working on network support. The other is Donkey (Alternative Animals aka Lou Donkey). Or if you want to support SPEAK workers in general we are also hoping to develop a hardship fund so it is possible just to give to that.

We are hoping to feature the activities of support raising NEST members and the Alternative Animals regularly on the blog from now on and we're excited by the opportunity that support raising gives us to subvert the global economy and restore the economy of heart and soul.

So if you’re bemused by the sinking ship of the current economy, why not start volunteering or get involved yourself? We are always looking for more support raisers to work with. 


Donkey has been engaged in the support raising challenge for donkeys years. She is one of the founders of SPEAK and has played a catalytic role in quite a few SPEAK projects in the years that she has been around. She is also a founder of music speaks and journeying to put more foundations in place, but this is currently a stretch and a challenge.

She has felt over the years that she couldn’t ask others to raise support for their roles without raising support herself. Her enigmatic approach to challenging unjust situations has seen her take on the banks, speaking in the North African desert, facilitating others discussions and developing other projects like music SPEAKS and ANGEL projects. 

There are 3 ways of giving to Support Donkey’s sustainability:

1) Standing Order - download attached leaflets - link here: 

if you have any problems then email 

2) Stewardship On line -  


Chris is doing a cracking job as one of our Regional Suport Workers (RSW), pushing for change to create a just world. Giving to SPEAK, and specifically giving to support this Regional Support Workers (RSW) or Regional Support workers in general, provides us with the resources and time to make our campaigns and our efforts for justice as effective as possible.

He says 'Since working for SPEAK, I have come to see how unique and important the network is in connecting Christian activists around the UK and further afield. For me, the SPEAK network is not only a spiritual home for many inspirational and brilliant people, but a vital part of the UK Christian movement for global social justice. 

CLICK HERE to sponsor Chris financially. Whichever payment method you choose, make sure you make clear that your donation is to go towards Chris.