Conscience: Taxes for Peace not War

Conscience: Taxes for Peace not War has launched a campaign which you can get involved in. During the centenary of Britain legalising the inclusive right conscientious objection for the first time, Conscience is tabling a Bill in parliament which would allow conscientious objection to military taxation.

The bravery and dedicated convictions of WW1 conscientious objectors led to the conscience clause, a milestone moment in the history of individual freedoms. However, this freedom is not yet fully realised, as we remain financially conscripted into the military.

Modern wars are no longer fought with conscript armies in this country, but with professional armies, high-tech weapons, and the ideology of deterrence - paid for with our taxes. For many, military taxation is in direct conflict with their personal conscience, morals, or religion.

Conscience’s Bill aims to create the legal structure that would allow citizens to redirect their portion of military tax into a fund dedicated to non-military security, conflict resolution and prevention work – a Peace Tax Fund. For more information on this campaign, please visit the Conscience website:

How to get involved:

• If you object to paying for war and preparation for war, and would rather pay for work towards peace, then register as a conscientious objector here:

• Contact your MP, asking them to support the Taxes for Peace Bill. Find further information and a letter template here:

• Like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter by searching @taxesforpeace

• If you are interested in attending any of their events, join their Meet-Up page,