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Campaigns at speak

SPEAK is currently holding a Seeding Change Campaign against food injustice at our upcoming Peace Festival. We have been sending out seeded paper to many people in the Network, who will write on them and plant them at the farm during the festival!
For more information on the campaign please click on the following link: https://www.speak.org.uk/node/387

Let’s raise the alarm bells!!
SPEAK will be having a Day of Action campaigning for the closure of The Arms Fair, organised by the Defence and Security Organisation which actively promotes the buying and selling of arms overseas, including to Governments and organisations with questionable Human Right records. SPEAK will also have workshops informing people about the Arms Trade during the Peace Festival and will then be travelling to the Excel Centre on Monday 14th September to peacefully Campaign and demonstrate outside the Centre, alongside other Charities who are equally concerned, to raise the public’s awareness of the Arm’s Fair.
For more information on the campaign please click the following link: