Making Peace Happen (Volunteering, Spreading the word & sharing your vision of peace)

Manifesting peace together

Peace will not be achieved in isolated pockets; in order for peace to truly happen it needs to be a collaborated effort. As we plucked away trying to organize the best festival we could through for the lovely speak family, it became apparent that in order for this festival to truly flourish we need the collaboration of the whole speak network & their friends & family :-).

It would be amazing if everyone reading this found a way to help shape the festival to ensure that we collectively have the best experience ever.

With this in mind we have provided a mermaid of ways for people to get involved with the peace festival beyond aside from attending. Below is a full list of roles you could involved with:

Sound engineers (3-4),
Cooks (7-15),
Set up/ Take down crew (15/15)
Pod host (7)
Workshop facilitators (TBC)
Relationship Building (Prior Promo & follow up) (10-15)
Steward’s incl front desk (15-20)
Squeak crèche (5)

If any of the above roles look appealing to you feel free to get in touch with the speak team at