A poem by Adonis Storr

If you need it – here’s my hand,
and a hug of unburden.
Hear my voice and let it soothe
I’ll hold you close and fight for you.

Until you want to try and stand alone
                I won’t let go.

If you’re weak or tired I have energy to give.
If you’re beaten down by liars I’ll bring you truth.
And when your world is dark
and all doors closed.
I’ll bring you light
And open them for you.

If you flinch at the world
And your voice is quiet, and is caught in the throat,
Or if you can’t,
Or if you don’t know how,
And if you want,
I’ll speak for you
And if that’s not enough
                For you I’ll Roar.

So if you’re down I’ll pick you up
And shout aloud if you want
Yes in Me – You have a friend
And on your honour I’ll defend
I’ll get you back up on your feet
And for you, I will speak.