'For the Love of...' campaign

Join our photo petition to tell the government why climate change matters to all of us, not just a few ‘greenies’!

Why climate change?



Climate change is going to be high up on our campaign agenda over the next couple of years, as big decisions are being taken in the UK, EU and internationally. Most people in the UK think climate change is important and that action needs to happen. It’s important that our politicians hear that it’s important to all of us, and isn’t just a minor, niche interest of a few greeny polar bear lovers. So we’ve joined with the Climate Coalition in a new creative photo petition to tell them why climate change matters to us personally!

How to join in the campaign

To take part, simply download the picture frame template below and print it (or copy it by hand!), cut out the heart in the middle so you’ve got a piece of paper with a heart-shaped hole in it to use as a frame, and then go out and take a picture of something that matters to you using the heart-shaped hole as a frame for the picture, like the pic above. It could be anything you think might be affected by climate change – perhaps a photo of your sports team playing on a pitch that might become unusable due to flooding, a picture of a little relative whose life will be impacted in future, a place you’ve travelled to where people you met are already experiencing climate change, a wild place you love that will be less green and pleasant if it gets more droughts, a meal you like to cook that may not be possible if certain ingredients become scarce....whatever it is, be creative and get snapping!

Once you’ve got a heart photo, send it in to SPEAK (speak@speak.org.uk) along with your name, email and postcode to validate the petition, what your photo is of and why you are worried it might be affected by climate change. Then post it to social media to tell your friends and get them sharing their stories too. We want you, your SPEAK group, your friends, and your church to get your pictures sent in to the office. (If you can’t work out how to photo the thing you love, words are fine too! Just write in the heart! Or you could draw it, or cut and stick from existing pictures...be imaginative) We’ll make sure your messages get sent to the government!


The Earth is the Lord’s and everything in it; the world, and all who live in it (Psalm 24:1)

We can’t wait to see all the things you care about and want to protect.

Here's a quick guide to the campaign so far...