Flower Model Facilitators

To make sure that all your thoughts and dreams flow smoothly through flower model we have a team of facilitators...

If you wish to find out more about what happens in a petal or want to get involved with a Speak Petal, please contact one of the facilitators below, we'd love to hear from you :)


There are two Flower Model Facilitators who relay what comes out of Flower Model Meetings to the Network Support Team:

Sarah Henderson

To contact Sarah please contact sarah.henderson@speak.org.uk

Jess Haines

To contact Jess, please contact speak@speak.org.uk


There is a Petal Leader for each of the different Petals. These encourage and gather input from Petal Members:

Arts Petal Facilitator:

Sarah Henderson

To contact sarah please contact sarah.henderson@speak.org.uk

Prayer Petal Facilitator:

Helen Whittal

To contact Helen, please contact speak@speak.org.uk

Campaigns Petal Leader:


Network Petal Leader: