Do a SPEAK-a-thon

Get a bunch of people together and do some crazy 24 hour speaking actions, from standing on your head to a busk-a-thon!

Our SPEAK-a-thons will be a chance to get lots of SPEAK people together and do some crazy speaking actions over the course of 24-hours (but each action doesn’t have to be 24 hours long!). This could be anything from standing on your head whilst reciting poetry to reading the Bible aloud overnight! See more sponsorship ideas here. Make it more fun by attending a big SPEAK-a-thon event, or organising an event with friends. 

Think up a sponsored activity (the crazier the better!), create an online sponsorform or request a paper sponsorship form to collect sponsorship, and get telling people about SPEAK, and why campaigning is worth investing in!

Do a fundraising feat for SPEAK through


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  • Create your page
  • Let us know so that we can publicise and promote your feat

Check out a load of sponsored action ideas here
Let us know how you plan to get involved by emailing! 

Why do a SPEAK-a-thon? Where will the money go?
SPEAK’s campaigns can have a huge impact on issues of global poverty and injustice, so we believe they’re worth investing in. Campaigning works! We’ve had some great campaign successes over the years with the closure of the DESO, a change in company law to help the poor and environment, and more!
The vast majority of our income goes towards resources to educate the Network on our campaigns and on actual campaigns materials and actions. We also invest in communicating our values and in training SPEAKers. Of course, there are also the costs associated with producing resources and running events and general running costs. Most of our staff support-raise, which means that most of our core funding goes direct to project work. Almost all the funding for SPEAK comes from charitable donations, which is why we need you to help us raise our profile and find more support!

How can I get people to sponsor me? Check out our top tips!