Fundraising ideas

Here are some ingenious fundraising ideas for you to bring to the world

Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling...

Sports day is back - Gather friends to bring back the sports day favourites, including the trusty egg and spoon race, sack race, three legged race and relay race. With this sunny weather, all you need is a park, £5 tickets and a loud voice to cheer on the contenders!

Pitchers of cocktails – Pimms, Mojitos, Elderflower Gin, or mango smoothies, whatever tickles your fancy whip up some pitchers and share with your friends.

Ebay – Is your wardrobe spilling over with clothes? Your cupboards cluttered? Why not sell your unwanted things on Ebay with proceeds coming to Speak. Free space is waiting!

Adventure – Is there something daring that’s been on your mind? Trying an extreme sport perhaps? Climbing the 3 peaks? Visiting a sacred site? Why not make Speak week the time to do it. Combine your adventure with a challenge to set yourself and raise money via

10K –So you’re you not runner? Put that thought on pause and give it a go. You’ll be amazed with the sense of satisfaction. Set up a fundraising page and get your trainers on. Here’s the Couch to 10K plan to show you how

World cup celebrations – Ok so England’s dream of victory is well and truly over but that doesn’t mean the celebrations have to stop. Host a world-cup themed party or your own football championships (real sports or video game acceptable). Brazilian food and samba is a must!

Engage – we need to talk.... Think of the top 3 justice issues that you care about and ask people on the street what they think the solution to them is. You could do it in the style of an interview and post the video up to Speak. Of course there are no easy answers to these issues but at least it will get the conversation started for a lot of people.

Excellent massages - Offer Head and Shoulder massages to people – all you need is a chair, a public open space, a sign and you can begin! Most massages cost as much as £55 for half an hour, so offering one for £5-£15 will make peoples’ day.

Kitchen whizzes – who doesn’t love a good cake? Or other choice morsels made by your own fair hand. Have a private bake-off with all your friends and award prizes for the best. Or take to the streets with your wares – somewhere near school gates is a good spot to sell them.

Click below to see how to have a Bardic Bike Tour, or host a Cabaret

In Summer 2012 members of the SPEAK Network embarked on a round-the-country bike tour linking up sites of historical and modern-day protest with local SPEAK groups; all permeated with moments of creative prophetic action, poetry and song. Now in 2013, the journey continues...
A Cabaret is a great way to put on an exciting and creative fundraising event with minimal effort...