Why is fundraising FUNraising?

At SPEAK we LOVE fundraising - and not just because it provides the fuel we need to make the journey. It's a vital tool in every activists toolkit, and here's why...

Fundraising achieves the rare feat of being both fun and useful!

'How?' you ask? Well step this way and let me explain...


Firstly - You can do socially taboo activities you wouldn’t normally be able to do!

We've all got a weird streak! And if you haven't, then get one, they're great! 

The image above is SPEAKs Office manager with a drawn on moustache which she sported for a month! This particular photo is of her at her friends wedding!

So whatever your socially unacceptable idea is, just dress it up in the fundraising cloak and off you go - you've just received a permit to let your inner weirdo roam free!


Secondly - You can use the fundraising activity to be an example to people around you

If you've got a lifestyle choice you want to advocate to others, but don't really know how to address talking to people about it. Then why not dress the activity up in a fundraising bow and give to to them. Doing a cycling challenge can be a perfect way of sharing with people how a low carbon lifestyle is both good for ourselves and the planet. Giving up meat for a week is a great way to enagge people in the issues of our food system.

What are you passionate about or finding difficult to give up? Why not do it as a fundraiser and kill two birds with one stone


Finally - You can use it to get new people to your SPEAK group

Sometimes the inroduction conversation can feel a bit awkward or vulnerable ' 'Hi, we're SPEAK and we're a prayer and campaigns movement... Want to join us?'

But you can use Fundraising to slide this conversation in through the back door... Observe...

'Hi, we're putting on an event, it's a cool Cabaret night in the Uni bar... All the funds made go to this really cool charity called SPEAK, it's a prayer and campaigns charity'. And then when you've got them at the event you can alure them in with the charm and wonder which is in SPEAKs DNA!

Alternatively you can do a sponsored event and ask people to sponsor you. The inevitable next question is 'Yeah, what charity are you doing it for?' and well then they're inviting you to tell them all about SPEAK and the wonderful success stories we've had through the years!