Faith and spirituality

We have arranged stories, principles and practicalities along with some theology into manageable and exciting booklets.

These are reflective of where we are in terms of how we express the most obvious spiritual aspects of our ethos.

Sharing Faith Booklet

Includes inspiring stories from people in the network and how they have been encouraged to share their faith.

The theology and the PRAXIS sections are also well worth a read!

Discipleship Booklet

Many people have contributed to this booklet, which details why discipleship is important to our ethos. There are many stirring quotes and bible verses too.

Contact the Network Support Team for a copy of either resource.

Stories from the network

We would like more stories from the network about what God is doing in your life, and the life of others around you. From the random to the seemingly mundane instances, all are welcome!

for more info please message