SPEAK relies on the generous donations of people like you to do the work we do empowering people to push for justice.

Money is a word that none of us like talking about very much... It's usually just a wee whisper in a hushed conversation...

But at SPEAK we can shout from the rooftops 'GIVE US MONEY!!' because we're proud to say that we only do what we do because we think it's 'good'! We want MORE MONEY to transform the trends of inequality and selfishness, to empower the peacemakers and to bring heaven down to Earth. And so we are unashamed to ask Tom, Dick and even Harry to dig deep and fund the revolution which is Jesus centred and spirit led. 

We really appreciate every penny that you donate to us
Our sustainability relies on the regular donations of generous people like you
fundraising is an important way to share SPEAK with a new audience and invite them to support the journey
SPEAK Advocates are vital to the sustainability of SPEAK. They challenge people to give to campaigns as a way of committing to the poor and help SPEAK to run effective campaigns and training for students and young adults.
SPEAK employs some staff who raise their own support, these are called support raisers. This aspect of our work is important to the values and heart of speak...