Peace Festival Other Events

What else is happening?

Peace Gardening
We are looking at seeding peace with plotting for peace sharing ideas and plots with other partners... come and sow some ideas in the extended family peace garden.

Food at the Festival
People's Vegan/Vegetarian Kitchen
A kitchen and food tent run by variously ethical SPEAK foodies

Squeak crèche tent area
Set up for young children and babies. We will do all we can to produce facilities but you will need to take care of their general needs and ensure they are accompanied at all times.

Supporters/ Check2 Tent
Check 2-There is a special stream of workshops for 20 somethings and 30 somethings beyond student age in check 2.

Are you struggling with the juggling act of work family, arts and justice acitivsm? Trying to work out how justice relates to your sphere of influence? Thinking of collective or alternative education for your children?

Supporters and advocates 40 plus age range and retroactive story sharing tent.. people who are advocates of SPEAK locally, are hosting workshops on how to more effectively engage in the supporting the network.

Supporters' Peace Meal
A special free lunch at 12 noon on Saturday in the Check2 tent for:

o Anyone new to SPEAK who like to hear more about it
o Anyone representing organisations who work alongside SPEAK or could do in the future
o Supporters who give £25 a month or more
o Anyone considering becoming a supporter