Victims of corporate abuse

Gertruida Baartman is a single mother of three from StellenBosch, South Africa. She works for a farm that supplies Tesco supermarkets in the UK, picking pesticide-treated pears, apples and apricots with her bare hands for 38 pence an hour, ten hours a day.

She does not receive a living wage, and often struggles to provide her family with food, despite working such long shifts.

Since our successful campaigning towards the Campanies Act in 2006, the biggest gap remaining in UK Company law is access to justice for victims of corporate abuse abroad. We believe that the creation of a UK Business, Environment and Human Rights Commission is the most achievable way of plugging this gap, but that it will take time.

In the last Pray & Post Card we wrote to the department for Business, Innovation and Skills, and this time we're writing to the Ministry of Justice - this is because many different departments will be invovled in the creation of such an important commission. So please do send in the latest Pray & Post Card to Jack Straw, keep praying and think of creative actions that you and your group/friends could do to get more cards through Jack Straw's letter box!