'Urban to the Core'

Last year, as a part of the Check 2 program at Sound Check 2012 we were treated to the company of, amongst others, Juliet Kilpin. Rob Elliot tells us about her book 'Urban to the Core'

Many of you may remember her as having taken part as a panel member for a discussion about what to do with life beyond Uni – especially considering going onto live as a part of or even create an intentional Christian Community.

Juliet is the Coordinator of the Urban Expression network. Having undertaken this role for a number of years she has gained a lot of experience in community living and shared in the journeys of and heard the stories of many others who are undertaking similar adventures in towns and cities up and down the UK and beyond.
Juliet released a book earlier this year. Some of you may have taken a copy away last year. If you didn’t then that’s why I’m writing this article – to encourage the reading of it as a help to considering, or for those who are already in it – reflecting upon, Christian community living.
In ‘Urban to the Core’ many people tell stories. The first being of how the Urban Expressions network came into being. There follows a wonderful, illuminating and very dynamic range of stories – gathered from members across the network – past and present.
The telling of true life stories and in so doing discussing the Core Commitments and Core Values which the Urban Expressions network aim to live in and towards.
I have been a part of the Speak Network for 10 years and at the same time lived and worked amongst a number of different expressions of church and community and as such, I highly recommend this book to anyone who is considering – joining, affiliating themselves with or even forming an Intentional Christian Community.

‘Urban to the Core’ is very honest and human and contains lots of experiences from people who have walked along and are on the road you may be considering. The UE network does not show off. Rather they provide earthy, compassionate, love filled encouragement and openness from lots of different voices. Voices of people who have not taken steps of trust in getting their hands dirty and seek after God in urban contexts here in the UK.
If you may be intending to buy a copy – do! Maybe buy it as a group, pass it around and chat about it. You can get hold of Juliet Kilpin via Face Book or it may help to know that the publisher is Matador and the price is £9.95.

‘Urban to the Core’ could well help stir you into living Christ-centred in the local and everyday with others, whilst you continue to campaign and live things out with eyes also on the national and international. UE always seek to work in partnership with Christian churches, groups and the like in contexts they feel called to – this is just one of the many reasons why I feel happy to encourage a read of this book.


Rob Elliott – one of the Check 2 Hosts at Sound Check 2012 and 2013