Summer Festivals are Comiiiiiing!!

The sun is shining, and we all know what that means... Oh yes, Summer Festivals are on their way! These are a great way to meet new people and to have some experience in events! We are going to be going to: Greenbelt, Soul Survivor and Momentum! Want to join us?

Jess Haines, who helped with Soul Survivor last year said '"We had a brilliant time serving on the Speak stands at Soul Survivor and Greenbelt last year! Especially the parts where we got to link up with people who felt like they'd been searching for The Speak Network all their lives - that was such a blessing! Particular highlights to look out for are making friends with representatives from other organisations, growing your appreciation for and ability to talk about Speak's Mission and the cosy Speak Caravan complete with kettle and teabags (bring your bunting to jazz it up!)"

Where we're at and when?

Greenbelt 23 – 26 August 2013, Cheltenham Racecourse, Gloucestershire UK

Soul Survivor

2013 Week B: 13th-17th August, Bath & West Showground
2013 Week: C: 18th-22nd August, Bath & West Showground

Momentum 2013, 23rd-27th August, Bath & West Showground, Somerset

If you want to contribute by help running a stall, running a workshop or facilitating a discussion, or doing a performance then contact SPEAK at