Speak Hong Kong are really taking off

Only a few months ago we were contacted to say that a lovely man from Hong Kong was starting up a Speak group there. We were overjoyed to hear that the values of Speak were being taken to all areas of the world. Not only are they already doing amazing things, but they've also budded another Speak group too...

We were overjoyed to receive news that the Hong Kong group were putting on an event all about the importance of social justice and were a requesting to use our most recent pray and posts there with their audiences. The students were very keen to sign the post cards, with 71 being handed in at that event alone. Those signatures represent students from approximately 20 Hong Kong schools, and 4 schools in the Chinese mainland (we had schools in attendance from Shenzhen and Shanghai).

They are looking forward to producing their own Pray and Posts on issues which are dear to them and have settled into a regular rhythm of meetings. They tell us

'Last Monday's group meeting was particularly fruitful for us.  One of my colleagues, who is very involved in political activities here in Hong Kong, spoke to the students about current political issues in HK and the way that our faith should inform a response (She delivered the entire talk in Mandarin Chinese, which is the language that she said she feels most comfortable discussing politics in).  Her talk was particularly challenging, as she gave a number of very specific suggestions for political action.  Hong Kong is in a phase of great historical importance, and the students are starting to become aware of that.  Beijing has been applying a great deal of pressure to our local governing officials, and there has been a growing climate of political protest activity as young people become aware of the freedoms of expression and assembly that are slowly being eroded under Beijing's influence.  Our students are in a unique position to affect change (both through prayer and other forms of direct action), and our guest speaker last week helped them to understand both their power and responsibilities in this critical moment.'

The Speak Group has just partnered with their school's "Show Choir" to sponsor a concert on November 7-8.  Speak group members will be helping to design the show's program (selecting songs and helping to design a "plot" for the show).  They have chosen to focus the show on the issue of Domestic Helper Abuse.  The show itself will help to raise awareness of the deplorable conditions in which foreign domestic helpers live and work here in Hong Kong.  All funds raised (from ticket sales, refreshments, offering, etc) will go to three domestic-helper-related charities that the Speak Group has chosen (a shelter for abused maids, a legal aid center, and a crisis pregnancy center).  

Keep these guys in your prayers and usethem as an inspiring tale of what we are all capable of if we let ourselves take the change