SPEAK founder, Louise Donkin, takes to the stage at Spring Harvest this year

Louise Donkin, one of Speak's founding catalysts, is speaking at Spring Harvest this year, in the Justice Space at Minehead from Monday 14th – Friday 18th April 2014.

This is big and exciting news! Speak hasn't been invited to speak at Spring Harvest for many many years now. We are delighted for the opportunity as we believe that we have a unique and beautiful message to share about the justice of God's Kingdom and the need for a spiritual revolution.

We'd love to have a team of Speakies present at Spring Harvest to engage with all those who are interested in what they hear or to answer any questions people may have about what they have heard. If you'd like to get involved in the excitement then please email speak@speak.org.uk .

Looking forward to receiving your email.