Soundcheck 2014 - All you need to know!

So Soundcheck is coming up... So what do you need to know and bring?!

This is just a little reminder about an exciting time together that is fast approaching: "Soundcheck: Turning the Tables", 28th Feburary - 2nd March 2014. The weekend is set to be a real chance to spend time with others, engaging with the justice issues that have been on your minds and to replenish any dwindling energy supplies you might have! We hope you will leave refreshed and ready to face whatever comes across your path.

Online Booking – Buy your tickets!

Now would be a good time for those who haven't registered their attendance via the online Soundcheck Registration Page to do so. Tickets are a bargain £50 for the whole weekend which includes all food, drink, accomodation and workshops. You can find the form at: .

The sooner you book, the sooner we can arrange accommodation and lots of delicious food for you. No-one wants an empty belly and no place to lay their lovely justice-filled head! Is that a threat? Make of it what you will...

Arrival Times

Soundcheck will officially be kicking off at 7.30pm on Friday 28th February and ending at 6pm on Sunday 2nd March. However, we would really appreciate anyone who can spare a bit of time before or after the event to help us set things up or pack things away.

What to bring

• Sleeping bag
• Pillow
• Roll mat
• Bible
• Note book
• Warm clothes – it's February, better safe than sorry
• Snacks if you like

Day of Action – Keep the date

We would love for people to come along to the post-weekend "Day of Action" on Monday 3rd March 2014 if you are free that day. It will begin at 9.30am. More details will be provided in the Soundcheck programme.

I hope this information is helpful. Email any questions you have to 


Your Network Support Team